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Classroom Donation Request

Margot Enterprises would like to support classroom teachers.  Many times teachers use their own money to buy supplies and incentives to help their students.  We offer two types of classroom donations. 
    The classroom incentive program prizes will provide a  prize for the entire class.  There are only a limited number of these donations each school year.  Please enter early.
    The classroom supply raffles will be giving out in January and July.  For the January drawing, teachers must enter by December 15 and the voting period will be December 16-30.  For the July drawing, teachers must enter by June 15 and the voting period will be June 16-30.  When you enter a voting link will be emailed to you.  The teacher with the most votes will win the raffle.
Classroom Incentive Program Prizes:
  • In Class Ice Cream Party: vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, colored sprinkles, cherries
  • In Class Pizza Party: pizza, soda, chips, pretzels
  • Goody Bags: mood changing pencil, sticky notes, bookmark, mini eraser, and puzzle game
Classroom Supply Raffles:
  • Elementary School Supplies: crayons, markers, glue, pencils, construction paper, and erasers
  • Secondary School Supplies: pencils, pens, loose leaf, folders, and binders
  • Classroom Organization: file folder box, file folders, hanging folders, binder clips, color code system