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March 16, 2020, Updated April 4, 2020
Written By: Stephanie Dunaieff

While everyone is adjusting to the new schedule of homeschooling, here is a list of activities.  We will be sharing daily activities on our social media accounts and we will continue to add them to this post also.

March 16: Metropolitan Opera, After Shutting Its Doors, Will Offer Free Streams From Live in HD Catalog
March 17: Take a walk outside and enjoy the weather.
March 18: Create cards for elderly in your local nursing homes.  Many of them are used to having visitors and are currently spending more time alone without interaction.  A card can go a long way.
March 19:  Explore MoMA - The Museum of Modern Art
March 20: Practice Yoga and Mindfulness
March 21: Tour the Boston Children's Museum
March 22: Check out the videos, games, and activities that the San Diego Zoo has to offer.
March 23: Take a Virtual Tour of the British Museum
March 24: Tour the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden on Facebook.
March 27: Take a virtual tour at FUTURE U
March 28: Volcano Science Experiment
March 30: Learn how to do laundry.  Whether it is just how to separate it, wash it, or fold it.  Children of all ages can learn about laundry.
March 31: Have a Blast With This Family Fun Cardio Workout!
April 1: Check out the Live Webcams at the Houston Zoo
April 2: Learn a new language with the Duolingo App.
April 3: Visit the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery
April 4: Explore Mars
April 5: Take a Virtual Tour of the The Louvre
April 6: Check out the Panda Cam from the Atlanta Zoo
April 9: How to Paint Planets with Watercolor
April 10: Take a virtual tour of Farm Food 360
April 11: Take a virtual tour of the Great Lakes