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August 1, 2014
Written By: Stephanie Dunaieff

Now is the time to buy school supplies.  Many stores are having back to school sales and discounts on school supplies.  Not every child is organized and many of them need help getting organized.  Here are some ideas to help your child become more organized.

If you child is slightly organized and is able to stay organized and remember what supplies he or she needs…
Have a 1 inch binder and a folder for each subject.  Each binder should be a different color and have a matching folder.  Make sure your child have plenty of loose leaf paper.  They should leave a package in their locker.  As the year goes on students might forget to ask for more paper so try to remember to ask them if they need more.

If you child is able to put his or her papers into the binder rings but will have difficulty remembering which binders to take each time he or she goes to the locker…
Have two 2 inch binders.  You can have an AM Binder and a PM Binder.  There should be dividers in each binder.  The plastic dividers that have pockets are great for them to put papers in.  Again, remember to make sure they have plenty of loose leaf paper.

If your child will forget to put the papers in the binder rings…
You should get zippered binders.  This will keep all of the papers in the binder.  It is a good idea to go through the papers either daily or weekly and put them into the binder, especially if they have an AM and PM Binder.  This will help the child find the papers he or she needs to study.

Always remember to make sure your child has:

A Binder Three Hole Punch
Extra Loose Leaf Paper
Binder Pouch
Blue or Black Pens
Pencils (either mechanical or have a pencil sharpener)
Post-it Notes

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