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May 1, 2015
Written By: Stephanie Dunaieff

1. Budget your time

Figure out how many questions are on the test and how long you have to take the test.  Get a general idea of how far you would like to be when time is half way.  Get a general idea of how long you should spend on each question.  

2. Which questions to answer

Read the question and decide if you can answer the question in a reasonable about of time.  If it will take twice as long as you decided you have, skip it and come back to it if you have time.  Always remember to go back to questions you skipped.

3. When to answer randomly

Different tests are designed differently.  Some tests such as the SAT® Exam and ACT® Exam allow a limited amount of time to complete the test.  During the last seconds of the test, it is a good idea to fill in any answer if you did not have a chance to answer the question.  Since you do not lose points for a wrong answer, there is no penalty for taking a guess.  You never know you can get some of the correct.  Other tests, take off points for wrong answers.  In this case it is better not to randomly fill in answers.  Finally, other exams such as the GMAT® Exam take off more points for a blank answer than a wrong answer.  Again, it is better to randomly fill in an answer than leave it blank.

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