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May 15, 2015
Written By: Stephanie Dunaieff

  1. Eliminate answer choices that you know are wrong.
  2. Look at the choices if something is repeated in multiple answer choices it is more likely to be correct.
  3. Look for the relationship between the answer choices; which ones are similar, which ones are different.
  4. Look at other questions in the test, another question might help you eliminate an answer choice or two.
  5. Look for clues within the question stem; check to see if the same word is used in the stem and an answer choice.
  6. Remember your basic grammar rules. If the question is plural it is looking for an answer choice with multiple answers.  If the question is singular, it is looking for an answer choice with only one answer.  Also is the question uses "a" or "an" it can clue you into the correct answer choice.
  7. Depending on how the test is grade (if you do not lose more points for wrong answers than blank answers) always take a guess.
Categories: Finals, Test Taking Tips