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Resources for Middle School

These resources are here to help teachers, parents, and students have a successful school year.  Click on the image to download the resources.
*Resources are for personal and classroom use only and cannot be sold.
Self-Eval Understanding
Lesson Reflection Statements
Test Project Log
Practice evaluating one's own level of
understanding of a topic or concept.
 Reflect on a lesson to check one's understanding. Keep track of all tests, projects, and assignments including the date assigned and the due date.
Weekly Planner 
Study Habits
 Test Reflection
Create a check list of daily goals and assignments. Create a study schedule and learn some study habit tips.  NEW Reflect on a test, study strategies, and correct work. Updated January 2015
 A Note to School  KWL Chart  Reader Response
Send a note to a teacher, principal, or other school personnel. Before learning a new topic create a KWL Chart to see what one learned. Fill out a reader response as one reads to remember important facts, vocabulary, and other literary devices.
Reading Time Chart
  Locker Schedule  Schedule
Keep track of reading times with this chart.  Use markers, pens, or stickers to mark the amount of time one spent reading. Create a schedule of when to go to a locker and which items to take.  This download includes 6 different designs. Plan out after school activities.  Remember to create time for homework, extracurricular activities, and relaxation.
 Essay Planner  Scientific Method  
Creating a Plan
Plan an essay including the introduction, main ideas, supporting details, and conclusion. Use the Scientific Method to plan an experiment. 
Create a plan for the remainder of the school year including studying and homework.
 Study Contract Download  
Writing Goals
  Proof Reading
Create a Study Contract to encourage responsibility and good study habits.  A bonus Homework Contract is also included.  Write short-term and long-term academic goals with these templates. The Proof Reading Check List has a list of the most common mistakes made while writing an essay or paper.  It also has the proof reading symbols.
 Tutoring Questions  Chore Chart  
Midyear Evaluation
 A list of 18 questions to ask any tutoring company or individual before hiring them.  12 Chore Charts for grade levels pre-k through high school.  There are three designs per level. Use the midyear evaluation to evaluate how the year is going so far. 
Midyear Reflection
Reflect on what was done to study and learn during the year so far.