All of our webinars are aired live over Google Hangouts On Air. All events are private and you must sign up for exclusive access to the event.  Each Webinar will include a Q & A session at the end of the presentation.

Redesigned SAT® Exam Webinar

The SAT® Exam is changing in March 2016 to be more aligned with the Common Core Standards.  This entails 8 key changes to the existing exam.

Stephanie Dunaieff will lead this FREE informational presentation.  Ms. Dunaieff, a New York State Certified Math teacher with over 5 years of teaching experience, is also an NTA Certified Tutor, NTA Certified Academic Coach, and an NTA Certified Trainer.

Learn how these SAT® Exam changes are going to impact your children and how they can prepare for the Redesigned Exam. 

Organizational Skills Webinar

Learn skills and strategies to get your children organized and keep them organized this school year.

The webinar will be lead by one of our NTA Certified Academic Coaches.